Friday, January 8, 2010

1984 VW Vanagon - $250 LeMons CanAm-agon!

So, the build can finally begin. After a couple false starts, we finally have our platform to build the CanAm-agon. It was cheap ($250, no paperwork, left in a field of a foreclosed house), was designated a gross polluter in 2000 according to CarFax, and still has seats in reasonable condition that we might be able to sell. The engine runs but overheats fairly easily, transmission shifts but somewhat stiffly, and the suspension looks to be in reasonable shape for 250,000 miles. There are no keys, a screwdriver to hold the steering lock up, and fun hot-wiring hijinks to get it started.

We now have to source another engine and start planning and hacking the chassis to support it. I think that we’ll first start with ripping out the interior and scoping out where to stick the driver, how far the engines will lay going forwards, and what kind of supports we will need. Then we can flip the engine and transmission around, figure out a shift linkage, and figure out the best/worst connector between the two engines. We also have to think about what to do with the suspension, but at the moment we’ll just leave it as is, I’m not too sure what all can be done yet.

More to come …

$250 Vanagon procured, runs and drives mostly, no keys

Just got our $250 Vanagon delivered, from the property at a foreclosure, lots of leaves, runs pretty well actually, needs new fluids, shifting is a bit tough, but it’s a runner. Time to locate engine number two and start on the bodywork and chassis rearrangement. Pictures coming soon.