Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crazy Timmy strikes

Newly uncled-Tim has struck! Tonight he fabricated an intake from various parts laying around the shop, almost installed our seatbelts, quietly replaced a bolt he had “borrowed” for his wife’s Miata, and stress-tested a hard-top with a 70mph take-off and landing sequence. The pictures follow …
Intake fabrication
Airbox fabrication detail
Airbox installation
Broken glass

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ready for Thunderhill (I think)

We’re all loaded up on the trailer and ready for Eduardo to scoot up to T-hill. I’ll follow him and we’ll meet up on Friday morning at the track to unload and get the pit set up. If the car were registered I would have thought seriously of driving up - maybe next race. I cut out a little bit of padding today to allow the hardtop to latch on the driver’s side and then duct-taped a plastic sheet over the rear to protect from rain (and snow?).

I just realized that we forgot to cover the positive post of the battery so I have to remember to bring that up. Also, Eduardo had a 10′x10′ tent with plastic sides so we’ll have a pit area to work on the car if needed, you know, to block out all that sun

See you at the races!